Mint Sim Review – Does cheap as f** come with a catch?

** cheap as fox (they seem to be using this in all their marketing).


When it comes to personal finance, reducing your recurring costs is one of the best ways to get your savings on autopilot.

Now beyond the big three costs – that is housing, food, and transportation – one of the biggest monthly budget items for most millennials is their phone bill.

Over the last few years since graduating high school, I’ve been constantly on the look out for the best value prepaid carriers. I’ve used Virgin Mobile, Republic Wireless, T-Mobile Prepaid, and now Mint SIM. Here’s my quick rundown after three weeks with the Mint SIM service.

Mint SIM is a subsidiary of Ultra Mobile and they are a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) using T-Mobile’s network. If you were previously using T-Mobile as I was, then your coverage and data speeds shouldn’t change!

Setup Experience

I purchased my SIM card with their 2GB / mo for 3 months deal (only $35!) and it arrived in the mail about 3 days later, although I did not receive any sort of confirmation email.

The activation and number porting experience was very smooth. While following their process, you will want to be sure to change the network settings in your phone as Mint SIM describes here so that you have no trouble receiving MMS, etc. My number was ported in less than an hour. My brother switched to Mint SIM just a few days ago as well, and his number was literally switched in minutes after going through the activation process.

Mint SIM has a great web dashboard for checking your data balance and plan, arguably much cleaner than any of the previous carriers I have used:



After about three weeks of using Mint SIM both in the midwest and west coast and helping a family member transition to the service, I would highly recommend Mint SIM. If you can front the cost of their 12 month prepaid plans like $199 / $299 for 2 GB / 5 GB ($16.58 or $24.92 / mo), you are looking at a dramatic cost savings over any other unlimited prepaid service on the market right now. Their 2GB plan especially makes sense if you have decent wifi data at both your home and work, as most students and professionals do.

It’s worth noting that once you go over your 4G data allowance for each 30 day period, your remaining (unlimited) data will be throttled to 128 kbps, which is considered to be 2G speeds.




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