Financial Independence:

  • Mr Money Mustache. How an ordinary guy that lives below his means was able to retire and own his time at just 30 years old.
  • $ave Dat Money Calculator. A simple calculator that I made to compare your budget, savings rate, and savings runway for different locations.

Self Improvement:

  • Nat Eliason. Every new article Nat writes is a treat. His writing on mental models is an especially good resource for identifying your biases and looking at the world critically.

Technology Industry Trends:

  • Stratechery. My favorite analysis of strategy in the technology industry that tracks broad trends mainly related to the internet.
  • Breaking Smart Season 1. A series of 20 essays around the theme software is eating the world. Required reading for young people looking to understand the scope of opportunity that software and the internet present as these tools are still in their infancy. I make a point to re-read every 6 months.

Digital Nomading:

  • Pieter Levels is a fascinating character who inadvertently became the face of the Digital Nomad “movement” and he is worth always keeping an eye on.

Building Sustainable Businesses:

  • Signal vs Noise. The team behind Bootcamp shares their process behind designing web products and bootstrapping web a business built around the lives of their team.
  • Tyler Tringas. Location independence through bootstrapping small “micro-SaaS businesses. Few other people are talking about this rapidly-growing micro-Software-as-a-Service approach, which is a rapidly growing area that  takes advantage of the recent new tools and services of the internet to build web apps targeted at niche markets.
  • Tropical MBA. Two normal guys, Dan and Ian recount their journey of starting a location independent business and deliberately designing their lifestyle around permanent travel.